Hunton Panels

Hunton panels are used for exterior wall panelling in wooden buildings and for roof covering. The panels’ moisture permeability from the inside of the building is ten times higher in comparison to other comparable materials, the panels also prevent moisture penetration from the outside of the building, and they are light and easy to handle. We both supply and install the panels.

Hunton Panels

We both sell and install Hunton panels. Hunton Vindtett panels, which are impregnated with bitumen, are used for the exterior panelling of walls of wooden structures.

These panels have the following characteristics: They are light; they can also be cut using a sharp knife. They do not transmit moisture from the outside; they easily transmit moisture from the inside, and thus allow the building to breathe.

The dimensions of these panels are 1200 X 2700 mm, with a thickness of 12 mm; one pallet holds 95 panels, and the area of one panel is 3.24 m2. The weight per 1 m2 is 3.2 kg. Hunton Udertak panels are used in a similar way for roof covering. These panels, unlike the Vindtett panels, are made with tongue and groove. The dimensions of these panels are 595 x 2400 mm, with a thickness of 18 mm. The area of one panel is 1.428 m2. One pallet holds 100 panels. The weight per 1 m2 is 4.8 kg.

These panels are intended for wooden structures using a system in which the spacing of vertical columns is 600 mm, and similar spacing is also used for the trusses. It is necessary to point out that trusses must be placed on perimeter walls where vertical columns are situated. Please note that the manufacturer of trusses suitable for this application is Kasper CZ ( ). The application of the trusses can bee seen at  the following pictures.

For more information, see the certificates for both products, which you can find on this website. The method of installation is indicated in the attached illustration, which you can also open here.


Instalation Undertak

Instalation Vindtett