NMC and LX Mouldings

NMC interior and exterior decorative elements (decorative profiles, wall and base mouldings, rosettes, columns, pilasters, parapets, etc.) are easy to install; the individual elements can be combined in many ways, and painted in the desired shade – this will allow you to perfectly harmonize your interior in a quick and easy manner, from floor to ceiling exactly according to your wishes. LX mouldings are only offered for professional use.

NMC and LX Mouldings

We offer a broad selection of NOMASTYL, NOMACLIC, and ARSTYL interior decorative elements and Styrofoam and polyurethane decorative profiles, alcoves and rosettes, from smooth and simple forms to shaped profiles produced from historic designs.

The final finish is entirely up to the customer, because the mouldings can be painted in any requested shade. Among the DOMOSTYL exterior decorative elements, we offer façade elements such as cornices, frame mouldings around windows and doors, quoin stones and other decorative elements made of hardened polyurethane. The Focal Point portfolio includes different types of columns, capstones, bases, etc. All of these decorative elements are practical for use in enhancing new structures, as well as in the renovation of older buildings, including protected buildings.

We apologize for the Czech digital version of NMC mouldings currently being unavailable. You can, however, open the Architecture & Design General catalogue, where – starting on Page 16 – all categories of NMC mouldings are pictured. For good inspiration for the application of NMC mouldings, open the Architecture & Design General brochure.

Here you can open the pricelist of NMC mouldings, which shows the selection of NMC mouldings that we offer. Here you can also open the pricelist of LX mouldings. LX mouldings are also an NMC product, but for professional applications. The pricelist specifies which NMC mouldings of the Styrofoam Nomastyl mouldings are identical with the respective LX mouldings.